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* Assisi Bird

Assisi Circle

Assisi Cross

Assisi Dove

Assisi Home Sampler - Square

Assisi Home Sampler - Wide

Assisi Love Bookmark 1

Assisi Love Bookmark 2

Assisi Love Squared

Assisi Oval

Assisi Pattern No.1

Assisi Pattern No.2

Assisi Snowflake

Assisi Stocking

Assisi Stocking

Assisi Style Present or Gift

Assisi Style Rabbits

Assisi Valentine Heart

Big Assisi Designs

Bigger Assisi Designs

* Dolphin Assisi Pincushion

* Fantails Assisi Pincushion

Ho Ho Ho Christmas Assisi Sampler

* Kiwi Assisi Pincushion

* Kowhai Assisi Pincushion

* Mt Cook Lilly Assisi Pincushion

* Poppies Assisi Pincushion

Small Assisi Designs

Various Assisi Patterns

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