Borders & Edgings

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16th century Germanic Needlework Borders

3 Stitch Up Border

3 Times 2 Stitch Up Border

* Alphabet Chicken Border

Assorted Pansies For Borders

Autumn Border

Autumn Border

Autumn Sampler Frame


Bands (For Band Samplers)

Beginner Borders - Border 1

Beginner Borders - Border 2

Beginner Borders - Border 3

Beginner Borders - Border 4

Beginner Borders - Border 5

Beginner Borders - Border 6

Beginner Borders - Border 7

Beginner Borders - Border 8

Beginner Borders - Border 9

Birds on Flowers

Block French Knot Border

Blue Border

+ Blue Borders (Or Other Colour)

Bluebell Border








Border 1

Border 1

Border 2

Border 2

Border Corner

Border Flowers

* Border Mix 1

Border Mix 2

Border with Birds

Border With Corner


+ Borders





Borders and Corners

Brown and Blue Border Pattern


Buttefly and Flower Border

Candy Corn Border

Celtic Border

Celtic Knotwork Border

Cherry Corner

Christmas Border

Christmas Border

+ Christmas Borders

Christmas Frame

+ Christmas Frame

Cloud Border

Colored Hearts Border

Country House & Heart Border

* Cross Stitch Pattern and Border 1

* Cross Stitch Pattern and Border 2

Daisy Borders

Daisy Trellis Border

Decorative Edges

Design 1

Design 10

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 5

Design 6

Design 7

Design 8

Design 9

Diamond Bar Border

Diamond Bookmark Pattern

Double Hearts Border

Easter Egg Border

* Elaborate Border

+ Elegant Towel Border

Embroidery Border

Fancy Corners

Floral Border

Floral Border

Floral Border 1

Floral Border 2

Floral Border 3

Floral Border 4

* Floral Borders

Floral Borders

Floral Design

Floral Frieze

Floral Patterns

Flower and Butterfly Frame

Flower and Corner Border

Flower Border Trio Patterns

Flower Vine With Border on Each Side

Flowers & Vine Border

Flowers Border

Footprints Border

Forget-Me-Not Border

Frisian Folk

+ Garden Alphabet - Border (Black & White)

+ Garden Alphabet - Border (Color)

Garden Border 1

Garden Border 2

Garden Gate Border


Geometric Border

Geometric Border

Geometric Border

* Geometric Borders

Geometric S Border

Halloween and Fall Pumpkins Border

Halloween Bat Border

Happiness Stationary Border

Heart Border

Heart Border

Heart Border

+ Hearts in Borders

Herringbone Stitch Border


+ Kitchen Alphabet - Border

+ Kitty Border

Lace Frame

Ladybug Border

Leaves Border

Lilac Flowers

Little Flower Border

Little Hearts Border

Meandering Path Border Pattern


Motif-like Border


Napkin Border

Nautical Border

October Squared

+ Oriental Lace Border

Pansies Border

Pastel Borders

Patriotic Border

Picture Frames

Pink Border

Piping in Light Blue & Brown

Pretty Floral Border

+ Rabbit Border

Ribbon Borders In Various Colors

Rice Stitch Border

Rose Border

Rose Borders

Rosebud Border

Roses Border

Roses Border

Roses Corner

Roses For You

Roses Tablecloth Border

Rustic Border

Sampler Frame

Scallop French Knot Border

Seasonal Border Bookmark

Small Borders

Small Flower Border

Small Heart Border

Small Oval Border

Solid Heart Border

Spirals Border

Spool Quilt Border

+ Spring Borders

Star Stitch Border

+ Strawberry Border

+ Three Shades of Blue Border

Torah Scroll

Turkish Motif Border

Two Colors 4 by 4 Border

Two-Color Border

US Patriotic Border (Blue)

US Patriotic Border (White)

Various Borders

Wide Scallop Border

Wind Mill Border - Simple Corners

Windmill Cross Stitch Border

Wreath Border

Yellow Heart Edging

+ Zodiac Border

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