Motifs, Medallions & Squares

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9 Red Winter Squares Motif

9 Square

9 Winter Squares Motif

A Bouquet of Lily of the Valley

A Campaign

A Spring Garden

* Aegean Garden

African Motif

Alphabet Motif

Amour Medallion

Another Mandala

Apple Quilt Block

Aqua Medallion

Argyle Quilt Block

* Autumn Quilt

Baby Quilt Block, Bear With Honey

Banner 1

Basic Flower Motif

Beautiful Tile Decorations

Bethlehem Star Quilt Block

Blackwork Maze

Blackyrose Design 01

Blackyrose Design 02

Blackyrose Design 03

Blackyrose Design 04

Blackyrose Design 05

Blackyrose Design 06

Blackyrose Design 07

Blackyrose Design 08

Blackyrose Design 09

Blackyrose Design 10

Blackyrose Design 11

Blackyrose Design 12

Blackyrose Design 15

Blackyrose Design 16

Blackyrose Design 17

Blackyrose Design 18

Blackyrose Design 19

Blackyrose Design 20

Blackyrose Design 21

Blackyrose Design 22

Blackyrose Design 23

Blackyrose Design 24

Blackyrose Design 25

Blackyrose Design 26

Blackyrose Design 27

Blackyrose Design 28

Blackyrose Design 30

Blackyrose Design 31

Blackyrose Design 32

Blackyrose Design 33

Blackyrose Design 42

Blackyrose Design 43

Blackyrose Design 44

Blackyrose Design 45

Blackyrose Design 47

Blackyrose Design 48

Blackyrose Design 49

Blackyrose Design 50

Blackyrose Design 51

Blackyrose Design 56

Blackyrose Design 57

Blackyrose Design 58

Blackyrose Design 59

Blackyrose Design 60

Blackyrose Design 61

Blackyrose Design 62

Blackyrose Design 63

Blue Cushion

* Blue Pond

Blue Star Quilt Block

Bordered Motifs

Bulgarian Motifs

Bunnies Squared Pattern

Bunny Face Motif

Butterfly Motif

Butterfly Motif

Butterfly Motif

Butterfly Motif

Butterfly Motif

Cherry Motif

Chic Square

Christmas 2010 Freebie

Christmas Motif

Christmas Motif No.2

Christmas Motif No.3

Christmas Snowflakish Motif

Christmas Square

Christmas Square

Coin Pendant


Concentric Square Pattern

Constricted Square Pattern

Cottage Garden

Craft Supplies Tote Motif

Criss Cross Square Pattern

Cross Motif Patterns

Cross Stitch Tile Pattern Collection

Cross Stitch Tote Motif

Daffodil and Tulip Diamond Pattern

Daisy Diamond Pattern

Dear Diamond Square Pattern

* Deep Seas


Delicate Pattern

Diags Quilt Block

Diamond Magic of Colors

Diamond Magic of Colors #2

Diamond Magic of Colors #3

Diamonds and Squares, back stitch Pattern

Diamonds Quilt Block


Dilly Pattern

Doily Circle

Dream Quilt Block


Dreidl Mini Motif Pattern

Earth Symbol Pattern

Eastern Endless Knotwork


Elongated Cross Stitch Motif

Elven Star Pattern

Encircled Cross Pattern

Encircled Five Point Star Pattern

English Cottage Sampler Ornament

Fall Color Blocks

Falling Snowflakes Patterns

Figure #2

Figure #2

Fire Symbol Pattern

* Fish Quilt Square

Five Point Star Pattern

Fleur-di-lis Motif Pattern

Floating Diamonds (Back Stitch Pattern)

Floral Diamond Collection

Floral Fever Square Pattern

Floral in Turquoise or Orange

Floral Medallion

* Floral Motif

Floral Pattern

Floral Square

Floral Square 1

Floral Square 2

Flower Garden Heart Quilt Pattern

Flower Motifs

Flower Motifs

Flower Motifs

Flower Square

Flower Tote Motif

Flower Wheel Collection

Flowery Patches

Folk Embroidery

Folk Pattern


Four Floral Tiles

Four Part Harmony Collection

Four Petals Quilt Block

Four Spiral Square Pattern

Four-Petal Flower Pattern

Friendship Quilt Block Patterns

Fuchsias Motif

Garden Motif

Garden Motif

GEO Design


Geometric Circles

+ Geometric Motif

+ Geometric Motif

+ Geometric Motif

+ Geometric Motif

+ Geometric Motif

+ Geometric Motif

Geometric Star I

Geometric Star II

Girlie's Garden Patterns

Golden Ornament Collection

Graphic Form


Graphics 2

Green Diamond

Grid Theme of the Tree

Groceries Tote Motif

Happy Kaleidoscope

Heart Motifs

Heart Scroll Motif

Hearts & Diamonds Quilt Block

* Hearts and Birds

Hearts In a Square

Hearts In a Square

Hecate's Wheel Pattern

Hour Glass Quilt


Hungarian Motif 1

Hungarian Motif 2

I Am On a Mission Tote

Icelandic Needlework Motif with Birds

Interruped Square Design

Italian Ice

Jacob's Ladder Quilt Block

January Week 3

Jeweled Raindrops

Joegoslavien Motif

Kalidascope Fun

Kilim Motif

King's Crown Motif

Kiwi Diamond Pattern

Knitter's Tote Motif Pattern

Knitting Motif

Knotwork Quickie

Kooky Kaleidoscope Square Pattern

Ladybug on Flower in Pots

Leaded Window (Back Stitch Pattern)

Little Things

Log Cabin

Lorraine Cross Pattern

Love Me Lotus

Love Medallion

Love Motif

Love Quilt Block

Lucky Map




Mandala Pattern Collection

Mayan Temple Pattern

Merry Christmas

Mini Quilt

Mini Spool Quilt

Miniature Squares

Monkey Wrench Mini Quilt

Monkey Wrench Mini Quilt



Monochrome Star

Month #1 - January Motif - Carnation

Month #10 - October Motif - Calendula

Month #11 - November Motif - Chrysanthemum

Month #12 - December Motif - Poinsettia

Month #2 - February Motif - Violet

Month #3 - March Motif - Jonquil

Month #4 - April Motif - Sweet Pea

Month #5 - May Motif - Lily of the Valley

Month #6 - June Motif - Wild Rose

Month #7 - July Motif - Larkspur

Month #8 - August Motif - Gladiolus

Month #9 - September Motif - Aster

Morning Glory Motif








Motif Library

Motif Square




Multi-Themed Cutey Motif

National Motives

National motives 1

National motives 10

National motives 11

National motives 12

National motives 13

National motives 2

National motives 3

National motives 4

National motives 5

National motives 6

National motives 7

National motives 8

National motives 9

Navajo Special

Ohm Motifs (Small & Large)



Ornament 1


Pansies Motif

Pansy Quilt Block

Patch of Glass Ladybug


Patchwork Motifs

Patterns for Pherenice Collection

Peacock Tapestry Ornament

Pearl Drops

Pink Bird Motif

Pink Butterfly Motif

Pinwheel Quilt Block

Plant Motif

Plantish Motif

Precisely Pointy Square

Private Garden


Pumpkin Quilt Block


Purple Diamond Motif

Purple Flower Motif

Purple Flower Square

Purple Satin Medallion

Puzzle, Border Motifs, Etc.


Quaker Square

Quilt Square 2

Quilt Squares Spring 13 14

Quilt Squares Spring 15 16

Quilt Squares Spring_11_12

Quilt Squares Spring_1_2

Quilt Squares Spring_3_4

Quilt Squares Spring_5_6

Quilt Squares Spring_7_8

Quilt Squares Spring_9_10

Quilt-Inspired Cross Stitch

Rabbit Motif

Red and Black Motifs

Red Flowers

* Reflections


Rooster Motif

Rose Quilt Block

Rosebud Quilt Ornament



Rosette II

Rosy Rows Square


Ruffled Diamond

Rug Motif

Sapphire Squares

Satin Medallion

Scandinavian Red & White

Scissor Motif

Scissors Motif

Scrollwork Lighthouse Motif

Scrollwork Motif

September Square

Sewing Motif

Shamrocks Quilt Block

Sideways Square

Silly Squares

Simple Rangoli

Skull and Cross Bones

Small Alphabets

Small Arrow Motif

Small Back Stitch Motif

Small Symmetrical Motif

Snowflake Motif

Snowflake Quilt Block

Snowflakish Motif

Soft Pink, Four Tulips Motifs

Solomon's Knot

Southwest Motif

Special Joy Ornament

Special Square One

Special Square Three

Special Square Two

Spring Square

Springtime Square


Square Deal

Square Fleuri

Square in a Square

Square in Blue

Square Ladybug Motif

Square Magic of Colors

Square Magic of Colors #2

Squares Quilt Block

Stained Glass Window

Star of Aphrodite Quilt Block

Stoney Stick Square

Stork Scissors Square

Strawberry Motif

Study in Pink

Sunflower Quilt Block

+ Sweet Motifs for all Occassions

Thanks A Bunch!



Traditional Bulgarian Motif No.2

Tree Quilt Block

Tropical Daydream

* Tropical Quartet

Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

Tulip Quilt Block

Tulips Quilt Block

Turkish Carpet

Turkish Motif #10

Turkish Motif #11

Turkish Motif #12

Turkish Motif #13

Turkish Motif #14

Turkish Motif #4

Turkish Motif #5

Turkish Motif #6

Turkish Motif #7

Turkish Motif #8

Turkish Motif #9

Turkish Motif Sampler

Turkish Motif Sampler #2

Turkish Motif Sampler #3

Turkish Motifs #1

Turkish Motifs #2

Turkish Motifs #3

Turkish Patchwork

Valentine Motif

Various Motifs

Various Motifs & Samplers

Vidinski Flower Motif

Vidinski Flower Motif No.2

Vidinski Flower Motif No.3

Village Quilt Block

Vintage Motifs


Wanderer's Way Square

Whimsy Collection

Wild Windows Square

Winter Motif

Winter Square

XXL Figure 0

XXL Figure 1

XXL Figure 2

Yellow Turkish Motif


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