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A Coign of Vantage

A Difference of Opinion

* A Fork In the Road

* A Girl Reading

* A Patio View

+ A Spanish Girl


Alexander Nevski

+ Alice Gray

American Gothic

+ Angel Watching Over the City

+ Atis at Lansones

AutumnForest (Albert Bierstadt)


+ Balut Vendor

Baroness Crussol

Basket of Fruit

Before the Psyche



* Boreas by John William Waterhouse


Chinese Painting Children Playing

Chinese Painting Grasshopper Flower

Chinese Painting Lady

Chinese Painting Tiger

Countess de Grammont Portrait

Countess Skavronskaia


Dalou, His Wife and His Daughter

+ Dia de Flores

+ El Flautista

+ Elegant Woman in a Rose Garden

+ En La Jardin

+ Espana y Filipinas

+ Fairytale

+ Farmer

Faust and Marguerite

+ Filomena Baltazar

First Caresses

+ Fish Vendor

* Flower 1

+ Flower Garden

* Flower Still Life

* Flowers and Birds

* Flowers in a Vase

Flowers Still Life

Flowers Still Life

Forest Lane

* Forest Stream

* Fourteen Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh

* Fruit

+ Fruit Vendor

Gallery Item #1

Gallery Item #10

Gallery Item #11

Gallery Item #2

Gallery Item #3

Gallery Item #4

Gallery Item #5

Gallery Item #6

Gallery Item #7

Gallery Item #8

Gallery Item #9

+ Girl Playing a Guitar

+ Girl with Coconut

+ Give Us This Day

+ Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

+ Grandma's Favorite

Happy Lovers

+ Harana

+ Harvesting Rice

Head of an Old Man

+ Homespun

Hyacinthe Gabrielle

+ I am Cold

In Disgrace

+ Ina at Anak (Mother and Child)

Isabella Teotochi Marini

+ Joys of Spring

Julie Le Brun

Julie LeBrun

+ Kahig


+ La Bella Filipina

+ La Criada

+ La Inocencia

+ La Mestiza

+ La Modelo

+ La Puesta Del Sol

La Tricoteuse

Lady Hamilton

Lady Hamilton

* Lake House

Last Supper Painting

Le Brun With Baby Daughter

Le Printemps

Little Mauraders

+ Little Red Riding Hood

+ Los Mendigos

+ Love Letter

+ Love's Resistance (Study)

+ Lovers in Autumn Evening

+ Luksong Tinik

M'selle Brongniart

Madame Du Barry

Madame Mole-Raymond

Madame Pierre Rousseau

+ Madonna of the Slums

+ Maiden in Flower Garden

+ Maiden with Palay Stalks

+ Man and Mermaid

Marquise de Mirabeau

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

* Monet - Pol Ledent

Monet Bridge

Monet Bridge

Monet Garden With Irises

Monet Garden With Irises

Monet Water Lily Pond

Monet Waterlies

* Moonlit Water

Morning In the Pinery

+ Mother and Child

+ Nagsunka

+ Nena y Tenita

Nobody Asked You, Sir She Said

Old Woman Reading

Pandora's Eyes

Paul Signac Breakfast

+ Picnic in Normandy

+ Pila sa Bigas

+ Planting Rice

+ Portrait of a Young Girl

+ Portrait of Fernanda de Jesus

Princess Eudocia

Renoir Dance

Renoir Dance (Black and White, Part 1)

Renoir Dance (Black and White, Part 2)

Renoir Dance (Color, Part 1)

Renoir Dance (Color, Part 2)

Renoir On The Terrace

Renoir On The Terrace

* Rose Garden

* Sailing Into the Sunset

Sailing the Catboat

Seated Nude

Self Portrait

Self Portrait in a Straw Hat

Seurat-La Parade

+ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band

Shepherd & Sherpherdess


Song of the Angels

+ Spring Blossoms



* Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

+ Summer

Summer Offering

Sunlit Valley

+ Tampuhan

The Abduction of Psyche

+ The Carabao Sled

+ The Confection of the Filipino Flag

The Fisherman and the Syren

The Lace Maker

The Land Baby

The Last Supper

The Little Beggar Girls

+ The Market Scene

The nymph Galatea

The Old Stagecoach

The Pink Cloud, Antibes by Paul Signac

The Reader

The Return of Neptune

The Secret

The Two Sisters

The Virgin With Angels

+ The Young Lasak

+ Tindera De Manga (Mango Vendor)

+ Tinikling

+ Una Bulaquena

Van Gogh

Van Gogh Field of Poppies

Van Gogh Harvest

Van Gogh Landscape

Van Gogh Landscape With House

Van Gogh Wheatfield

Van Gogh Wheatfield

+ Vanity

Varvara Ivanovna

+ Victorian Lady

Vigee and Her Daughter Julie

Vigee Le Brun Self Portrait

+ Water Carrier

+ Wildflowers

+ Winnowing Rice

Work Interrupted

+ Young Companions

Young Girl Defending Herself From Eros

+ Young Woman Admiring a Snow Rabbit

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