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"Roses" Pergolato

* 123 Aussie 2007 Sampler SAL

2011 Band Sampler

2012 Band Sampler

2012 Band Sampler

A Grateful Heart

A Is For a Sampler

* A is for Acorn

A Man's Stature

A Parent Discovers

A Quaker Star

A Right Royal Miniature Wedding Sampler

A Spring Quaker

A Stitch Sampler 2009

A Teeny Garden

A Woman's Heart (Sampler Inspired by The Titanic)

Aaron's Samplers

ABC Band Sampler

ABC Birds

ABC Campaign


ABC d'automne/ ABC Autumn

ABC Little Girl Sampler

ABC Rose Sampler

ABC Sampler

* ABC's Easy as 1-2-3 Stitch!

ABC's of Embroidery

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Sampler

Acorn Alphabet Sampler With Squirrel

All my wishes for 2010

* All You Need is Love

* Alpha Heart for WDW

Alphabet and Flower Sampler

Alphabet Around a Heart (Sampler)

Alphabet Bordered By Flowers

+ Alphabet Express

* Alphabet Sampler

* Alphabet Sampler

Alphabet Sampler

Alphabet Sampler

Alphabet Sampler

Alphabet Sampler

Alphabet Sampler

Alphabet Sampler

Alphabet Sampler

Alphabet Sampler

+ Alphabet Sampler

* Alphabet with Centerpiece

* Alphabet With Flowers

* Alphabet With Sewing Tools

Always Springtime

Amazing In Aqua Sampler

Anchor 1st Sampler

+ Animated ABC's

Antique Sampler

Aphabet Sampler

Apple Seed Counting Sampler

+ Apples for the Teacher

Assisi Home Sampler - Square

Astronomy Saying and Sampler Patterns

Australia Alphabet Sampler

* Autumn Garden

Autumn Sampler

* B is for Butterfly

* Babies Sampler

+ Baby Days

Baby Memorial Sampler

Baby Sampler

Back-to-School Sampler Pattern

Band Sampler Bookmark

Bands (For Band Samplers)

Basics Been

* Be Mine Sampler Heart

Bee Mine

* Big Boy Shorts

* Big Girl Panties

Birds and Blooms Alphabet Sampler

Black Sheep Sampler

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Blue ABC House

Blue Beatrice Alphabet Sampler

Blue Butterfly Sampler

Blue Lace

Blue Sampler

Blue Sea Sampler

Blue Tulip Samplers

Blueberry ABCs

* Bluebirds and Daisies

Boozy Dorothy Parker Cocktail Hour Sampler

Border Sampler

Broderie passion

* Butterfly Sampler

Butterfly Sampler

* C is for Castle

Carnation Alphabet Sampler

Child Memorial Sampler

Child's Sampler

Chupin's Quaker

Circular Scroll Alphabet Sampler

Coffin Buzz

Color of Spring

Country Alphabet Sampler

Country Alphabet Sampler

Country Sampler

Cross Stitch Sampler

CyberSampler I

CyberSampler II

* D is for Daffodil

Daffodils in February

Daffodils in Springtime

* Dance

December Sampler

Dora's Sampler

* E is for Elephant

Eight-Pointed Quaker Star

Elegant Garden Sampler - Assembly

Elegant Garden Sampler - Boy

Elegant Garden Sampler - Boy in Blue

Elegant Garden Sampler - Gentleman

Elegant Garden Sampler - Girl in Pink

Elegant Garden Sampler - Lady

Emerald Sampler Pattern

English Treasure

Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends Sampler

* F is for Fox

Farm Animals

February 14th Quaker

Fishy Alphabet Sampler

Floral Alphabet Sampler

Floral Home Sweet Home Sampler

* Flower Power

Flower Sampler

Frank Sinatra Quote Sampler

* French Inspired Hearts

Fruit Around ABC Sampler

* G is for Goose

Garden Sampler

* Get You My Pretty

Goat Sampler

Graphic Sampler Pattern

* H is for House

Halloween Sampler

+ Happy Hands

Happy is This

Heart Around Alphabet (Single Color)

Heart Around Alphabet (Two Colors)

* Heart Sampler

* Heart Throb

Hen Alphabet Sampler

Hero Quaker

Homage to Jane Kendon

Home Band Sampler

Home is where the Heart is

House on Hill Sampler

House Sampler

Household Chores Sampler

* I is for Ice Cream

I Love You! Companion Samplers

+ Ice Cream Sampler

In the Garden

+ Innocent Heart

Irish Blessing

Irish Coffee Sampler

* J is for Jazz

J'aime le Bleu

J'aime le Rose

J'aime le Rouge

* K is for Key

* L is for Lamp

Lace Sampler

Lady Luck

* Ladybug Sampler

Laugh Tree

Laughing Sampler

Lavender Blue, Sweet Flowers

Lavender Sampler

Life is All About Balance

Life is Beautiful

+ Life's Lesson

Light Cocoa Lace Band Sampler

Light Effects Sampler

Light Sampler

Like / Unlike Mini Sampler

Little Alphabet Sampler

* Little Blue Bungalow

+ Little Girls and Little Boys

* Little Moon Welcome

Love Band Sampler

Love is in this Home Sampler

Love is not...

Love Tree

* M is for Mirror

+ Martha Spence Sampler

May Day Sampler

Millenium Sampler

* Mini Band Sampler

* Mini Dutch Sampler

Mini Quaker Alphabet Sampler

Miniature Dolls House Picture


Moments de Bonheur (Moments of Happiness)

Moufle Sampler (French)

My dream in the garden (Color Key)

My dream in the garden (I)

My dream in the garden (II)

My dream in the garden (III)

My dream in the garden (IV)

My dream in the garden (IX)

My dream in the garden (V)

My dream in the garden (VI)

My dream in the garden (VIII)

My dream in the garden (X)

My dream in the garden (XI)

My Hornbook

My Little Bird

My Little Cats Sampler

My Needle's Work Sampler

* N is for Nightingale

Nature ABC Sampler

* Nature Sampler

Nine Square Back Stitch Sampler, Back Stitch

Noel Sampler

November Sampler

* O is for Owl

Oak Nut Madness Sampler

Ocean Sampler

October 2011 Stitch Sampler

October Sampler

Oracle at Delphi Collection

Outstanding in Orange Sampler

* P is for Pineapple

Parents Sampler

Pastel Heart Sampler

Petits Moments Choisis (Choose Small Moments)

Phoenix Rising Band Sampler

Pink Butterfly Sampler

Pink Tulip Samplers

PMS Subversive Sampler

Pretty in Pink Sampler

Primer Chicks

Primer Clowns

Primer Poppies

Primer Provence

Primer Winter

Project 2008 - Rose Sampler

Punctuation Symbols Sampler

Purple Scroll Sampler

* Q is for Queen

Quaker Alphabet Sampler

Quaker in Blue

Quaker in Blue

Quaker Numbers Sampler

Quaker Sampler

Quiet Sunday Mornings

* R is for Radish

Rabbits Bearing Gifts for a Spring Quaker

Raspberry Sampler

Red Butterfly Sampler

Red Dots

* Remember Me


Retro ABC

Road to Success Saying Sampler

Rose Sampler

Rose Sampler

+ Rose Sampler Part 1

+ Rose Sampler Part 10

+ Rose Sampler Part 11

+ Rose Sampler Part 12

+ Rose Sampler Part 2

+ Rose Sampler Part 3

+ Rose Sampler Part 4

+ Rose Sampler Part 5

+ Rose Sampler Part 6

+ Rose Sampler Part 7

+ Rose Sampler Part 8

+ Rose Sampler Part 9

Royal Canvas

Royal Wedding Sampler

Russian Sampler

* S is for Sheep



+ Sampler

* Sampler - A is for Aran

* Sampler - B is for Button

* Sampler - C is for Crochet

* Sampler - D is for Darning

* Sampler - E is for Embroidery

* Sampler - F is for Fairaisle

* Sampler - G is for Granny Square

* Sampler - H is for Hook

* Sampler - I is for Intarsia

* Sampler - J is for Japanese

* Sampler - K is for Knitting

* Sampler - L is for Lace

* Sampler - M is for Measure

* Sampler - N is for Needle

* Sampler - O is for Overdyes

* Sampler - P is for Pin Cushion

* Sampler - Q is for Quilt

* Sampler - R is for Redwork

* Sampler - S is for Sampler

* Sampler - T is for Tatting

Sampler 1

Sampler 2

Sampler 3

Sampler Bookmark

Sampler Lili-Rose

Sampler Love

Sampler Welcome

Sampler With Heart Border


School Sampler

Science Symbols Sampler

Scissors Addiction and Scissors Crosspatch Chart

Scissors and Thread Sampler

Seaside Alphabet Sampler

Seasonal Alphabet Sampler

Seven Deadly Sins Subversive Sampler

Seven Heavenly Virtues Sampler

Sewing Supplies Around Alphabet Sampler

+ Shamrock Sampler

Silk Basket Sampler Pin

Silk Garden Sampler

Silk Petal Sampler

Sissi Sampler

Small Blue Stitch Sampler

Small House Sampler

Small Sampler October 2011

Small Scissors Crosspatch

Small Turkish Sampler

Snow Sparkles 1879

Sorry, Gone Stitchin'

Spring Sampler

Spring Sampler

Spring Sampler

Spring Sampler

Spring Sampler

* Spring Sampler

* Stars Over Pines

Stitcher: n. A device…

Stitching is the Gentle Art

Strawberry Border Sampler

Strawberry Sampler

Summer Alphabet Sampler

* Summer Flowers

Summer Flowers

Summer Sampler

Summertime Blues Sampler

Summertime Silky Sampler

Sweet Heart Sampler

Sweet Home

* T is for Tulip

Tea - Drink of the Gods Miniature Sampler

The Brave Wave

The Snail Sampler

The Village of South Holland

The Weary Needle Book

There's the Joy of

Thinking Quaker

Time For Tea Miniature

Token of Affection Sampler

Tree Sampler

True Blue: Forget Me Not

Turkish Sampler

Turkish Sampler #2

* U is for Umbrella

* V is for Valentine

Valentine Band Sampler

Various Motifs & Samplers

Various Samplers

* W is for Whale

* Weather Outside

Welcome Sampler

Welcome Sampler

When in Doubt

Wild West Sampler

Winter Alphabet Sampler

Winter Alphabet Sampler

Winter Sampler

Wisdom is the Principal Thing

* X is for X Ray

Ye Olde Irish Love

Yellow Tulip Samplers