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A Favorite Quote (The Difference…)

A Man's Own House

Albert Einstein Quote

Always Laugh Saying


* As I Measure my Stitches...

* As Ye Sew Shall We Rip


Be Happy

Be Happy Saying (Collette)

* Be Kind Be True

Be Kind to Others Saying

Be True

Begin With the End In Mind


Believe In Yourself

Blessed Be

Blooming Flowers Pattern

Braille Get Well Soon

Braille Happy Anniversary

Braille Happy Birthday

Braille I Love You

Braille You Rock!

Busy Hands Happy Hearts

Candle Saying

Carolyn’s Quote Sampler

Child of the Universe


Close the Door Saying

Corrie Ten Boom

* Count Your Blessings


Curiouser and Curiouser

Dare to Be Yourself saying


Don't Fence Me In

Don't Let the Past Steal Your Present (Bird on a Branch)

Don't Quit

Dutch Proverb

Early Bird Gets the Worm Saying

Everything You Imagine

Faith Hope Charity

Fall Down, Get Up Saying

Forgiveness Saying

Frank Herbert Knowledge Quote Pattern

Frederick Douglas Quote

Frederick Douglass Quote in Alt Colors 2012

French Citation Charts

* Friend is worth...

Friends Are Born Not Made

* Friendship Grows

* Friendship Grows

Friendship Saying (Aristotle) Bookmark Pattern

Friendship Saying (Coleridge) Pattern

Give Peace a Chance

+ Give Thanks

Golden Rule Pattern Saying

Grandmother's Quilt Saying

+ Grow Love



Hindu Proverb

Homage to Japan (Band Sampler)

Home Quote

Hope Quote (Madeleine L'Engle)

+ Hopes and Dreams

I Can Resist Everything Except Temptation

I in Team

I Love You Saying

I'm the Princess

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Kind Words Sampler

L'Engle Inspiration Saying

Lemonade Sampler Pattern

Let's Celebrate


Life is What You Make It

Live Forever Or Die Trying

Live Laugh Love

+ Live Your Life

Love is Patient Pattern

+ Loving Thoughts

Make a Difference Saying

Many Hands Saying


Mi Casa Es Su Casa Saying

Mother Teresa Memorial

Mother Teresa Quote

Mother Teresa Quote

Mountainside Freedom

Native American Frog Proverb

* No Act of Kindness

Outside the Box

Peace On Earth & Goodwill to Men

Peace, Love, Strength Blessing

Persian Proverb I

Picasso Art Saying

Pinwheel Mini Quilt

Pinwheel Saying

Pinwheel Welcome

Poorest Man

Powers of Perception

Queen of Procrastination and Princess of Perpetual Projects

Rainer Maria Rilke Journey Quote

Reading is Magic

* Reason

+ Reflections of your Smile

Shakespeare Dreams Saying

+ Smile and the World

Smile Saying Sampler

Special Delivery

+ Spend Wisely

Steven Wright Quote

Stitch in Time Saying

Stitchy Sentence Diagram 2

Stuff Housework

Sweet Slumber

* The Diet Begins Tomorrow

The Joneses

* The Mighty Oak

The Power of Choice

The Road Home

The Skin Horse

The Thornbirds Quote

There's No Place Like Home

Think of all the Beauty

Thinking of You

To Everything There is a Season

To Stitch is to Live

To Teach Is a Work of Heart

Tote Bag Motif Collection

True Friend

Twenty Third Psalm

We Have It All

Welcome to Our Home

When Someone You Love

When This You See

When you were a tadpole

Where's There's Life, There's Hope

Who Am I Kidding?


Yoruba Forgiveness Proverb

Yoruba Origins Proverb

You Make Me Smile

Zulu Proverb

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