Privacy Policy

CSPC is the largest (maintained) directory of free cross stitch patterns on the web. As indicated by the term "directory", we only link to other people's patterns; none of the patterns are our own, nor will we ever try to claim that they are.

Our goal is to make the cross stitcher's life easier by providing a one-stop source where you can find all of the free cross stitch patterns available on the web, faster and easier than having to search the web to find each one yourself.

CSPC is basically a super search engine/directory just for cross stitchers.

Websites are generally created for the purpose of sharing content with the rest of the world (unless they are secured). It is not considered infringement or in any way wrong for websites to link to one another. It is, in fact, the basis of the "world-wide-web".

If you are a website owner/maintainer that feels differently, and do not appreciate your free patterns being promoted by this directory, please feel free to let me know so that I can remove the link to your patterns.

It is not a problem if you change your links, as CSPC has an automated link checker that will let me know that the links no longer work.

Happy Cross Stitching!